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  • Turf Renu
  • Field Renu
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  • Sani-Treat

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Welcome To Renu Chem Inc.

Renu Chem Inc. is a family owned chemical manufacturing company located in Southern, Ca. We manufacture a comprehensive line of products for the Automotive and Motorsports industries along with specialty cleaners for the artificial turf and pet industry. In addition to our proven product line we also pride ourselves in our custom formulations for those seeking private labelling of their own branded product line.

We pride ourselves on premium quality products, custom formulations and exceptional customer service. We have over 27 years of experience in manufacturing, product development, sales distribution and marketing which allows us to support you and your business.

​We are always working towards a Greener World so all of our products are Eco Friendly and Biodegradable.  
Our motto at Renu Chem is, “Your success and profitability is our success”​.

Our Services Includes:

  • Private Labeling
  • Product Development
  • Quality Control
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Custom Formulation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Knowledgeable Chemists
  • Specialized R&D 

Direct: (951) 736-8072
Toll Free: (800) 721-5572

572 Malloy Ct. Corona, Ca 92880 ​